Seaman Family Dentistry

At Seaman Family Dentistry, we offer a complete range of dental services, including general, cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and periodontal dentistry for the whole family.

We are proud to have a highly trained, professional, and compassionate dental team. We are dedicated to excellence in oral health and are committed to having a personal relationship with each and every patient, their family, and the community.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This specialized treatment involves multiple procedures designed to restore a patient’s smile. .

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Smile Makeover

This customized treatment plan includes one or more cosmetic or restorative dental procedures.

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Implant-Attached Dentures

These modern dentures provide stability and security by utilizing dental implants as anchors.

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Our Doctors


Dr. Scott Seaman

Dr. Seaman is known for being very gentle and personable and takes his time with each patient and their treatment. While his expertise in dentistry ranges from cosmetic dentistry and implants to esthetic fillings, crowns, and dentures, his enthusiasm for overall oral health and quality dentistry has earned him a positive reputation in the community. Dr. Seaman is committed to precision and excellence in every procedure, every time, helping you get the very best treatment available.

Meet the Team

Dr. Jared Parkinson

Dr. Jared Parkinson is a highly respected dentist who has worked in community health since 2010, having recently served as the dental director for a federally qualified health center in Houston, TX. Relocating to Flagstaff to be closer to family, Dr. Parkinson and his wife are excited about raising their six kids in beautiful Northern Arizona, where they can enjoy the great outdoors.

Meet the Team


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901 N Beaver St. , Flagstaff, AZ , 86001

What Our Patients Are Saying...

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"I have been going to this dentistry quite a number of years now. I can tell you this place is awesome. From the staff at the desk to Dr. Parkinsons and Dr, Seaman. I had a problem with a toothache that had to be referred out to the endodontist. I had one crown put in by Dr. Seaman who was wonderful. My second crown was put in by Dr. Parkinsons. I can tell you that he was so thorough with my tooth and was very attentive to detail as I was leaving for a vacation and made sure that I would have no problems with that crown. As I was leaving, he made the assistant do another X-ray to make sure there was no cement anywhere around that tooth. Everyone at this office had always been professional, Kind and courteous. Thank you! I will always come back here:)"

"Dr. Parkinson did a crown on a back molar, which was very hard to get to in my small mouth. He worked with efficiency and compassion. I really appreciated his skill and his concern for me during the procedure. This is the second crown he has done for me and he has done a fantastic job of them both. He also noticed a spot on my palate that didn't look quite right and talked with me about it. I also love the atmosphere in the office and the friendliness of all who work there."


"During one of my routine cleanings , Lindsey located aa very rare interior issue with a tooth, which had to be extracted by Dr. .Seaman. Later that evening Dr. Seaman called me at home to check if there were any issues or discomfort. This week I had another issue with a broken crown, again later that evening Dr. Seaman contacted me at home to check if there were any issues. Dr. Seamans Professionalism and dedication to his patients is exceptional . When you arrive at the office you are always greeted with a smile . Dr. Seamans entire staff is professional and should be recognized for their dedication ."


901 N Beaver St.,
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Office Hours

MON - THU8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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