Front Desk Coordinator

Ingrid enjoys being a part of the Seaman Family Dentistry team because everyone is so nice and respectful, and they have a lot of fun while working together. From checking patients in and out, to x-rays and scheduling, Ingrid helps make sure the back office is running efficiently and on time.

Since becoming Dr. Seaman’s Lead Dental Assistant in 2019, some of Ingrid’s most memorable personal experiences involve Seaman Family Dentistry. Ingrid feels deep satisfaction when she can calm someone’s fears and provide quality dental care to her patients.

Outside the office, Ingrid is a mother to four amazing kids and a lucky wife to her loving husband. Her family is extremely active outdoors, and they enjoy vigorous activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming. Everything from the mountain air, the trees, the four seasons, all makes loving Flagstaff easy, and it’s her favorite place to be.

Ingrid is fluent in Navajo.

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